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Empowering Children Through Adaptive Riding Lessons

We provide adaptive riding lessons for children with diverse abilities. With a strong focus on promoting inclusivity, empowerment, and personal growth, we aim to create a safe and nurturing environment where children can develop essential life skills, build confidence, and foster a deep connection with horses.

Inclusive Approach:

Regardless of their physical, emotional, or cognitive difficulties, we believe that every kid should have the chance to participate in equestrian activities. We have created a thorough adapted riding curriculum that serves kids with a range of abilities, including those with physical impairments, autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and developmental delays. Most kids can take part in horseback riding lessons with the use of adaptive techniques and appropriate equipment.

Therapeutic Benefits:

Adaptive riding lessons at Kids in Balance offer numerous therapeutic benefits for children. The rhythmic motion of the horse stimulates the sensory system, providing a calming and organizing effect on the rider. The interaction with the horse also promotes emotional well-being, instills a sense of responsibility, and enhances self-esteem. Additionally, the bond formed between the child and the horse can create a profound connection, boosting confidence, trust, and social skills.

Expert Instruction:

Experienced instructors with backgrounds in therapy and education, specialize in adaptive riding techniques that they have learned through training and years of practical application. With a strong background in child development and understanding of each child's unique needs, we tailor the lessons accordingly. The instructors create an individualized learning plan for each child, taking into account their abilities, goals, and preferences. We help children develop core strength, balance, coordination, and sensory integration skills while fostering a sense of accomplishment and joy.

Inclusive Community:

Children and their families should feel supported and respected in the community that Kids in Balance works to build.  To promote a sense of community and recognize the riders' accomplishments, recurring events like horse exhibitions and educational sessions are planned.

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