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Kids In Balance

At Kids In Balance, Inc., we aim to make a lasting impact. Our activities are designed to help make true  transformations. But above all, passion is at the heart and soul of everything that we do.

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About Us

Kids In Balance, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c3 created in 2006 to provide a broad range of individuals with access to therapeutically based activities, classes, and structured programs. Our mission is to develop a place where children, adults, and families with any level of needs and any level of income can participate in programs developed by skilled professionals.These activities are to be created to nurture and encourage the development of the skills necessary to be academically and socially successful. We offer a variety of classes, activities and groups addressing the following: language development, social skills, pre-reading and reading, motor skills development, sensory development and the use of technology to meet some of these needs

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Speech Therapy/ HippoTherapy

  • Provided by a licensed and trained SLP

  • Incorporates the movement of the horse into speech therapy

  • Individual sessions

  • Requires a physician’s prescription and current evaluation

Equine Assisted Learning

  • Focus on academic improvement

  • Individual and group sessions

  • Home-school opportunities

  • Not mounted

Adaptive Riding

  • Provided by a specially trained riding instructor

  • Adaptations to tack, equipment, physical supports

  • Contributes to cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being

  • Requires a physician’s prescription and copies of any therapy evaluations


Currently we do not accept insurance, but are happy to give you a receipt for you to submit to your insurance or scholarship.

Equine Assisted Yoga

  • Taught by a certified yoga instructor

  • For Children of varying abilities

  • Practice motor skills including strengthening and coordination

  • Learn mindfulness and regulation skills

  • For caregivers to relax

Horse Powered Reading

  • Provided by SLP with specialized training in program

  • Focuses on literacy and reading skills

  • Not mounted

  • Group or individual sessions

Equine Assisted Coaching

  • Develop meaningful connections through horse initiated interactions

  • Bonding within family dynamics and relationships

  • Team building and leadership development

  • Not mounted 

  • For Individuals/ Families/ Groups

Contact Us

Lithia, FL

Phone: 813-966-3714  Fax: 813-502-0575

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